What's The Difference Between Intelligent Control Towers And Traditional Distribution Management?

by | Mar 2, 2022 | Blog | 0 comments

Remember dad’s stories about the good old days? Maybe you just finished complaining—then he’d recount how in his day, he and his friends had to walk to school, uphill both ways — in a snowstorm, of course. That’s right. Things used to be more difficult.

No one, though, actually likes doing things the hard way. Besides, it’s much more impressive to find and implement smarter, more efficient ways of operating — and that includes Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing that is revolutionizing manufacturing processes for the future, today. The key to this Smart Manufacturing movement? Intelligent control towers — the modern evolution of traditional distribution management.

In order to answer the question, let’s look at both systems, traditional distribution management and also intelligent control towers.

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