Stronger Together: The Alliance Program

The ThinkIQ Alliance program supports partner growth through our Consulting Program, Technology Program and VAR Program.

ThinkIQ helps companies see and understand their data — both in-plant and across the supply chain — to improve yield, safety, quality, and compliance for manufacturing firms, leading to safer products and improved key metrics.

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Consulting Program

The intent of the Consulting Program is to establish and grow targeted ThinkIQ solution practices with other leading business organizations around the world. Members commit time, resources and expertise to provide customers with the best quality services and support.
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Technology Program

Members of the ThinkIQ Alliance Technology Program drive targeted lead-generation programs to support our joint revenue initiatives. For the best execution of ThinkIQ solutions and applications, members of the Technology Program offer a variety of services to both joint and potential customers.
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VAR Program

The Value-Added Reseller Program enables partners to sell ThinkIQ software licenses. ThinkIQ customers benefit from the value-added reseller’s ability to extend ThinkIQ software capabilities through implementation services and value-added components to create a complete solution.


The ThinkIQ Team offers sales, marketing and technical support services that reduce ThinkIQ Alliance  Partner’s own costs while helping them exploit new opportunities in the rapidly developing market for Industry 4.0 and helping companies achieve fully autonomous Smart Manufacturing.  The benefits of the ThinkIQ Alliance Partner Program include:


Co-operative marketing that offers an array of collateral materials, packaged events, and web-based sales tools.


Leads that are channeled to partners from every ThinkIQ joint-marketing activities for services upsell and cross sell.


Extensive training for sales and technical personnel – online, onsite, or at ThinkIQ’s offices in Aliso Viejo, California.


Comprehensive support through the ThinkIQ Support Program.

Program Levels

To better serve the multiple regions that fall within the international scope of the ThinkIQ Alliance, and to most effectively prioritize and allocate resources, alliance programs are tiered into four levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Affiliate (Consulting only).


Platinum members are global companies that have products and/or services that provide major strategic and critical advantages to ThinkIQ software and solutions. Platinum members and ThinkIQ make substantial investments in the relationship in order to build solution-targeted ThinkIQ practices. ThinkIQ engages Platinum members early in the development process to ensure the smoothest integration possible. Additionally, ThinkIQ dedicates a worldwide relationship manager and team to develop and deploy a strategic business plan.

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Gold members work to support and deliver ThinkIQ technology and services. They are generally more regional in their market reach and are typically smaller in revenue and resources than Platinum members. Account management of Gold members remains within the regions and is implemented by the ThinkIQ regional or country business relationship manager. Gold members have program support from our worldwide organization, which works with the local ThinkIQ contact to develop and implement a joint business plan and strategy.


Silver members work to support and deliver ThinkIQ technology. They receive field support from ThinkIQ regions, countries or districts. ThinkIQ provides program support and infrastructure via partner meetings, conference calls and the PartnerNet.

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Affiliate members are individual consultants, consulting organizations or single-practice teams within a large firm who continually update their ThinkIQ skills and knowledge.

For More Information

Our dedicated Director of Partner Alliances and Manager are ready to answer your questions. Contact ThinkIQ at (844) 844-6547, email, or contact us here.

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