Industry Solutions for Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing

The Industry 4.0 revolution to Smart Manufacturing reduces the risk of recalls, increases product safety and compliance, and improves quality, yield, and profits.

ThinkIQ is the market leader, with particular expertise in the food & beverage industry, mining-to-metals (and beyond), and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Food & Beverage Manufacturing

Our deep experience in food & beverage industry manufacturing, farm-to-fork, has resulted in proven increases in efficiency and safety. See our Food & Beverage page

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Being able to trace your product — from raw materials through patient delivery — has never been more critical in today’s pharmaceutical manufacturing environment. From lab-to-jab, ThinkIQ’s depth of experience, including our Sematic Model and Material Ledger, is transformative. Learn More

Mining-to-Metals (and beyond)

Metal manufacturers need to be able to trace raw materials through various manufacturing lines all the way to distribution. Product quality and safety depends on it. See how ThinkIQ can transform your line to Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing. Learn More

Complete Overview

With ThinkIQ’s Transformational Intelligence platform, you’ll finally have a complete overview of all manufacturing operations — with our in-depth, industry-specific experience with supply chain and manufacturing concerns.

This data may help one manufacturer avoid recalls from a temperature spike or assembly line slow down, or another manufacturer spot a weakness in their product that could become a major safety concern. And it may help another find that a small change in raw ingredients or suppliers can significantly increase their bottom line.

We use industry benchmarking and your KPIs to surface the manufacturing issues that matter, across your plants, across your supply chains, and around the world. Learn More