ThinkIQ Transforms Business

with its Industry 4.0 Manufacturing Platform

ThinkIQ is the leader in Transformational Intelligence for Manufacturers, contextualizing data — both in-plant and across your supply chain — to improve yield, safety, quality, and compliance.

Simply put, actionable end-to-end data insights lead to safer products and improved key metrics.

With ThinkIQ’s Transformational Intelligence platform, you’ll finally have a complete overview of all manufacturing operations. Changes in any variable are intelligently linked to both actual and predictive outcomes. This data may help one manufacturer avoid recalls from a temperature spike or assembly line slow down. It may help another manufacturer spot a weakness in their product that could become a major safety concern. And it may help another find that a small change in raw ingredients or suppliers can significantly increase their bottom line.

We do this by transforming your process through the 5 steps required to reach Industry 4.0 Manufacturing (aka Smart Manufacturing): Data Capture; Visualization & Integration; Insight; Continuous Improvement; leading to fully autonomous Smart Manufacturing.

At ThinkIQ, we don’t just gather data. We don’t just analyze data. We make sense of the data, and suggest actions that enhance safety, reliability, and efficiency.

Contact us today to discuss the 5 stages of becoming an Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturer.

The ThinkIQ Team

Doug Lawson

Doug Lawson

Chief Executive Officer

Doug has founded, built and sold multiple software startups in the Industrial Sector. His understanding of customer challenges and his leadership creating innovative products to meet those challenges is widely respected in the Industry.

The products from his startups are used in nearly a million plants globally. On a personal level ThinkIQ is the logical culmination of his career and, as CEO, he is intentionally creating a company that will have global impact, delivering enormous value to its customers, creating safer, better and trustable products with less environmental impact.

Niels Andersen

Niels Andersen

Chief Product Officer

A Manufacturing Digital Transformation Leader with broad technical and commercial background, Niels brings a wealth of industry experience to ThinkIQ. He is focused on inspiring and guiding manufacturing companies to enable them to increase throughput and reduce costs with business changing impact.

Niels is executing his vision by defining the ThinkIQ product offering and roadmap with the aim of changing the world of manufacturing.

Bill Guerry

Bill Guerry

Chief Financial Officer

Bill has over 25 years of experience as a CFO, CEO and advisor of numerous early-stage, VC-backed, publicly-held and technology-driven companies, and has led several of the companies to successful exits.

Prior to joining ThinkIQ, Bill ran finance and administration for a software company incubator and venture investor that created and invested in over 25 data analytics companies. Bill spent the first 10 years of his career with with a leading worldwide accounting and advisory firm.

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

VP of Professional Services

Dave brings over 30 years of supply chain leadership and program management experience to his role as ThinkIQ’s Vice President for Professional Services with responsibility for planning and managing delivery of ThinkIQ’s services to our clients. Prior to ThinkIQ, he held executive positions in leading management consulting practices as well as operational leadership roles across multiple industries including high tech, automotive, aerospace, and retail.
Brian Anderson

Brian Anderson

Chief Marketing Officer

Brian has over 35 years of global marketing experience in technology, business-to-business and business to consumer markets. He has a proven track record of maximizing global market penetration, award-winning branding and communications, establishing product/service leadership, a low-touch lead-to-cash marketing/sales model, being seen as a progressive market visionary, opening new channels of distribution and strategic relationships or looking for creative ways to cost-efficiently dominate their market space. Brian has a track record of five successful exits through acquisition and two publicly traded companies as well as fund raising and strategic M&A. He has helped companies grow revenues from startup to $20M and from $50M to $1.8B and is also a frequent industry speaker and published author.
Greg Ladd

Greg Ladd

Vice President of Sales

In his previous roles, Greg has built and scaled high-performance teams focused on continuous improvement and transformative growth. For two decades, he has held leadership positions within a range of companies in the enterprise technology sector. In his most recent role, Ladd served as VP of Sales for North America at Stardog, an innovator in the Enterprise Knowledge sector. Throughout his career, Ladd has a proven track record of achieving notable outcomes in his roles. He brings with him a true understanding of the sales process, marketing, channel development and goal-oriented go-to-market strategy.


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