The Opportunity

Industrial companies are facing the biggest disruption since the Industrial Revolution. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how things are made, bought, used and shared.  The always-on, always-connected world is changing how consumers expect to conduct business. The combination of Big-Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Cloud computing is changing how applications are built and what they can do. 

The Challenge

An enormous software challenge lies at the core of this opportunity. Building the acquisition, storage and data organizational solutions into individual Big-Data applications is common.  This approach makes it prohibitively expensive and slow to build the ecosystem of applications needed to master this opportunity.

Our Solution

ThinkIQ standardizes these functions into a platform that enables users and developers to use IoT data with agility and efficacy.  It can ingest time-series data at unprecedented scale, supports sharing of data between enterprises, creates context to make the data useful and makes the deployment of Analytics simple and practical.

Your Results

Together we are going to make better products with less waste, fewer recalls, higher quality and lower costs. The new levels of transparency will change the very nature of your customer and supplier relationships.  Our platform removes $3Bn of the cost creating old-school applications and will generate $220Bn in savings all while empowering our customers to be their market leaders.
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