Collaborative Smart Manufacturing

Industrial companies are facing the biggest disruption since the Industrial Revolution. The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing how things are made, bought, used and shared.  The always-on, always-connected world is changing how consumers expect to conduct business. The combination of Big-Data Analytics, Machine Learning and Cloud computing is changing how applications are built and what they can do.

To meet these challenges, the modern manufacturing enterprise must embrace the digital transformation that will allow it to run its supply chain more efficiently and collaboratively, make its products safer and increase the quality of the output, all whilst driving down costs.

ThinkIQ is a thought leader and technology driver in manufacturing intelligence. We have answered the transformations in the digital space with creativity and innovations that more than pay for themselves within months of adoption. ThinkIQ should be a part of every manufacturers' strategy in facing the enormous challenges and opportunities at the heart of these changes.

ThinkIQ is thinking differently about these problems...

ThinkIQ thinks differently about manufacturing

Traditionally, Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing Processes have maintained cordial relations: aware of one another and their symbiotic relationship, but never truly integrated. Most software suppliers think of manufacturing as a collection of functions: one for sourcing, one to manage transportation, operations, quality, shipping, and so forth.

ThinkIQ thinks differently about manufacturing.

ThinkIQ envisions collaborative Supply Chain and Manufacturing operations, predicated on otherwise competing parts working together to create high quality products, reduce waste, and ensure traceability. When all the stake holders in the manufacturing process collaborate, new insights on material flows can create 'ah-ha' moments, ferreting out inefficiencies and short-circuiting dangerous or bad-quality decisions or mistakes. Helping people to visualize the process from origin through transportation, storage, manufacturing, packaging and distribution, creates confidence in the processes and assurances to be made in the market.

ThinkIQ is an integral part of any digital transformation strategy for manufacturing.

ThinkIQ thinks differently about traceability

While most track and trace solutions are viewed as a “cost of doing business”, ThinkIQ Operational Traceability is a key tool to generate competitive manufacturing value. Our approach to traceability has turned the model upside down. Instead of being a burdensome tool that must be fed data, our solution becomes a valuable source of information that empowers manufacturing supply chains to identify issues, take corrective actions and deliver better results.

ThinkIQ thinks differently about traceability.

Where expensive manual data entry has been the norm, ThinkIQ software automatically and in real-time monitors the values in sensors to deduce what occurred in a manufacturing process, building a granular, accurate and trustable genealogy. Embracing IoT data sources, we create new on-site data systems that collect and send data securely to the cloud, to be integrated in an intuitive way that provides visualization and insight into the chain of events as they occur.

Our solution becomes a valuable source of information that empowers manufacturing supply chains to identify issues, take corrective actions and deliver better results.

ThinkIQ thinks differently about technology

ThinkIQ has built an open, cloud-based platform that simplifies the creation of web-based applications and leverages the strengths of the Internet of Things, Big Data, Data Science, Semantic Modelling, Blockchain and Machine Learning.


Alongside tested, mature Open Source projects, ThinkIQ is developing cutting edge tools for superior insight and actionability of data:

  • a Next Generation Historian that extends the capabilities of commercial historians with the scalability of Cloud-based distributed data storage, new data types for image, video and geo-spatial information whilst maintaining data availability to modern data-science tools.
  • a Semantic Model that creates the context necessary to make sense of manufacturing sensor data relative to physical plant equipment, processes, raw materials and finished goods.
  • a Material Ledger, a key innovation enabling the tracing of materials and all accumulated information as they move through the manufacturing processes and Supply Chain
  • and TIQQL, a Query language that allows sensor data to be queried using patterns identified by Data Science algorithms through the lens of the Semantic Model.

ThinkIQ thinks ... differently

Integrating digital technology into all areas of business fundamentally changes how manufacturers operate and deliver value to customers. ThinkIQ standardizes digital functions into a platform that enables users and developers to use IoT data with agility and efficacy.  It ingests time-series data at unprecedented scale, supports sharing of data between enterprises, creates context to make the data useful, and makes the deployment of Analytics simple and practical.

Digital transformation has become the new operational imperative.
ThinkIQ is an integral part of any manufacturer's strategy to modernize, compete and evolve towards the future.

The future is here

Industrial manufacturing is a $22 Trillion global business, suffering from an estimated $2 Trillion annual wastage.

Together we are going to make better products with less waste, fewer recalls, higher quality and lower costs. The new levels of transparency will change the very nature of your customer and supplier relationships. 

Our platform removes $3 Billion of the cost creating old-school applications and will generate $220 Billion in savings all while empowering our customers to be their market leaders.