What To Look For When Choosing Supply Chain Optimization Software

by | Jun 30, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

We live in a constantly changing world. Most people don’t buy groceries like they did just 10 years ago. We’re more aware of the consequences of the foods we choose to eat, so we shop healthier. We use apps to help us find deals and coupons on the fly. We even get our groceries differently, many opting for curbside pickup or delivery rather than browsing store aisles for hours. The world has gotten so tech-heavy, we’re no longer shopping only for essentials like food and clothes. Now we’re shopping for the best smartphone, the most futuristic electric vehicles, and amazingly detailed 4K monitors. We choose these products from hundreds of brands, a multitude of styles, and dozens of retailers. We research whether goods are ethically built and sourced, even how the company’s executive board voted in elections. Imagine explaining all of these nuances to the average consumer 40 years ago. They’d look at you like you grew a horn.

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