What The Food & Beverage Industry Is Doing To Revolutionize Data Technology In 2021

by | Jun 2, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

A lot of habits were changed in 2020. When you’re stuck at home, cut off from most human interaction, things start getting weird. It feels like a lifetime ago that we were all anxiously trying to figure out where our next roll of toilet paper would come from. It’s incredible to think a two-year-old video game console for kids was suddenly as scarce as gold. News and politics virtually replaced sports and celebrity gossip as watercooler topics; Zoom itself became the “watercooler.” Even air pollution and traffic subsided, if only for a moment, in places reputed for poor air quality and freeway congestion. And though Charmin, Nintendo Switches, and smog are widely available once again, the damage has been done. The emotional trauma of the past year has left behind bad habits — look no further than people hoarding gasoline in response to the Colonial Pipeline shutdown. (Fun fact: the viral video of the person filling plastic shopping bags full of gas was apparently from 2019, not 2021.)

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