New Partnership Helps Advance Smart Manufacturing

by | Feb 3, 2021 | News | 0 comments

UST Omni™ combines the strengths and capabilities of UST and ThinkIQ to provide an integrated cloud-based visibility platform to enable actionable insights that substantially enhance product integrity with state-of-the-art process modelling providing unparalleled process optimization.  The combined strength, enables full transparency, an auditable trail, and deep-dive analytical capabilities, providing a complete and continual health check on the supply chain, sourcing origins and optimizing production efficiencies.

“Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex especially with the significant disruption due to the pandemic and global economic issues.  Being able to monitor and prevent product integrity issues before they come into distribution or directly into manufacturing processes is key to enabling optimal process modelling. With ThinkIQ’s capabilities and UST’s digital transformation expertise, we have the capability to better support our clients and improve their production yield and customer satisfaction  to levels not previously attainable” said  Mark Holmes, Supply Chain Practice Leader, UST, “From the Fortune 500 to the Global 2000 companies, across all industries, will now be able to receive, analyze and act on product integrity information, anytime, anywhere along the entire supply chain in a seamless, pro-active and optimized way.”

Optimizing supply chains with pro-active monitoring of inventory down to item level will allow analysis of important raw material and product integrity issues, proactively before they enter into production to allow optimal process yield optimization.

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