ThinkIQ Enhances SaaS Platform with Stronger Connectivity, Analytics and Visualization

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The new release allows manufacturers to better follow the money and track materials throughout the supply chain.

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., June 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ThinkIQ, a pioneer of digital manufacturing transformation SaaS, today announced major enhancements to its SaaS Manufacturing platform. The new offering strengthens the company’s leading Transformational Intelligence Platform and provides more powerful and simplified modeling technology to allow for faster time to solution, better analytics and visualization, and higher performance data processing.

Many transformational intelligence platforms are either pure developments tools or are restricted to the feature set that is delivered with the platform. ThinkIQ’s latest enhancements deliver the best of both worlds with strong model integration combined with an extensible development platform that bridges the gap between traditional, on-premise OT technologies and strong cloud-enabled analytics.

These capabilities can be applied to any manufacturing and supply chain application and are particularly well-suited for hybrid, continuous and batch processes.

“Our latest enhancements take the mystery out of industrial data collection, contextualization, processing and use,” said Niels Andersen, CTO and CPO of ThinkIQ. “Manufacturers can now focus on optimizing their supply chain and serving customers better while making products that are safer, more profitable and with less environmental impact.”

ThinkIQ’s SaaS Manufacturing cloud-based platform simplifies the creation of web-based applications and leverages the strengths of the Internet of Things, Big Data, Data Science, Semantic Modeling and Machine Learning. The platform collects data across the operation (existing and IIoT sensors) to provide actionable real time insights (e.g., identify correlations and root causes, traceability and yield issues, etc.). It creates a new level of capability beyond what independent disconnected operating environments can provide today.

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About ThinkIQ

ThinkIQ, a leader in Transformational Intelligence for manufacturers, delivers unprecedented material traceability and insight into ways to improve yield, quality, safety, compliance and brand confidence. Our fact-based granular and data-centric contextualized view of material flows and related provenance attribute data integrates into existing IoT infrastructures and crosses supply chains to manufacturing processes and beyond. Our customers have saved $10’s of millions by identifying waste and underperforming assets, as well as reducing warranty reserves for quality and safety issues. ThinkIQ is a privately held company headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA.

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