ThinkIQ Announces Visualize, Insight and Transform Platforms Now Available on Microsoft Azure

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ALISO VIEJO, CA – February 15, 2022 — ThinkIQ, a pioneer of digital manufacturing transformation SaaS, today announced three of its platforms, Visualize, Insight and Transform, are now available on Microsoft Azure. These platforms will help organizations achieve Industry 4.0 Manufacturing by collecting manufacturing and supply chain data, monitoring real-time material traceability and delivering actionable insights to improve the overall manufacturing processes for greater efficiency and flexibility.

Digital transformation of manufacturing requires looking at the materials, not just the equipment in order to increase overall efficiencies in the factory and across the supply chain.  However, software integrations and data collection within manufacturing processes are often fragmented, unable to extract insights or identify inefficiencies easily. Now that ThinkIQ’s Visualize, Insight and Transform are available on Microsoft Azure, customers will be able to uncover new opportunities and will have an even easier time gaining a holistic view of their supply chains and materials to make better business decisions.

With ThinkIQ Visualize, all manufacturing data can be seen from a single contextualized cloud-based system providing the ability to do correlations and gain meaningful insights into your manufacturing environment. This helps to identify blind spots in supply chain behavior and identify machine-level behavior that deviates from design intent.

ThinkIQ Insight delivers a material ledger for traceability and improved operations across the entire manufacturing supply chain on Azure. This provides complete, inclusive visibility of all processing components within a facility and external locations alike, and can identify previously unseen correlations, and even root causes from the supply chain and internal manufacturing process.

ThinkIQ Transform enables businesses evolve towards Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing, by providing unprecedented material traceability from supplier to factory to consumers.  With Azure, the data stored in the cloud which facilitates better communication when managing products throughout the entire lifecycle and can analyze data across suppliers to identify inefficiencies across the supply chain.

“We’re excited to have our ThinkIQ platforms available on Microsoft Azure to truly enable our customers to achieve Industry 4.0,” said Niels Andersen, CTO and CPO of ThinkIQ. “Having data and insights stored on Azure provides unprecedented material traceability for manufacturers, giving them greater flexibility than ever before.”

ThinkIQ integrates a wide range of Microsoft Azure solutions including Azure Communications Services, Azure IoT, Azure Networking and Azure Storage.

“As supply chains are still strained globally, supply chain and material traceability has been a big priority for manufacturers and customers of ThinkIQ,” said Brian Remmel, General Manager, Business Applications – US Manufacturing Industry at Microsoft. “ThinkIQ’s solutions give customers more control of their data while extracting insights and identifying inefficiencies more quickly and accurately.”

To learn more about ThinkIQ’s manufacturing platform solutions, please visit our website or find  Visualize, Insight and Transform solutions at Microsoft AppSource.

About ThinkIQ

ThinkIQ, a pioneer of Continuous Intelligence across the material-centric supply chain, delivers unprecedented material traceability and insight into ways to improve yield, quality, safety, compliance and brand confidence. Our continuous intelligence platform captures granular data in real time and continuously contextualizes that data to deliver a new level of visibility that can facilitate transformative decision making across the entire manufacturing process and supply chain journey. Our customers have saved $10’s of millions by identifying waste and underperforming assets, as well as reducing warranty reserves for quality and safety issues. ThinkIQ is a privately held company headquartered in Aliso Viejo, CA.

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