ThinkIQ Announces Patent for Digital Manufacturing Transformation

by | Aug 23, 2023 | News | 0 comments

ThinkIQ recently announced a new patent that validates its ability to align data of continuous manufacturing material flow. Aligning data allows plant engineers, plant operators, and data scientists to discover correlations, connections, and root causes during the manufacturing process.

The patent further demonstrates ThinkIQ’s commitment to deliver comprehensive material traceability as manufacturers digitally transform their businesses. ThinkIQ customers can further benefit from granular and contextualized tracking of materials to improve yield, quality, safety, compliance and brand confidence.

ThinkIQ’s platform includes advanced visualizations, cause & effect identification, industry benchmark reporting, and cross-plant KPIs. The platform reveals material movements to identify new insights and unlock improvement opportunities. The proprietary software incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning with unique elements that make the analysis and presentation unique. ThinkIQ’s Next Generation Historian maintains supply chain and manufacturing data for traditional data analytics tools, while the company’s Semantic Model creates the required context to relate sensor data to equipment, processes, materials, and goods. ThinkIQ’s Material Ledger is a key innovation in supply chain data analytics.

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