The Difference Between ERP, MES, MOM and Material Ledger

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Evolution is quite a thing to ponder. About 85 million years ago, primates diverged from other mammals, after which over a period of about 20 million years and several diverging families, subfamilies, tribes, and genera, the human form we know today evolved. Evolution isn’t always biological either. Ballets and minuets were the popular dances back in the days of Mozart in the 18th century. The waltz and ballroom caught on in the 19th century. Eventually, Gene Kelly made straddling a lamppost in a downpour look effervescent, while still later, Elvis moved his hips in such a scandalous way, most of the nation became hot and bothered. If only they could see how dance has evolved today between flossing, twerking, and whatever they’re doing on TikTok. Manufacturing has undergone its own metamorphosis over the decades, which has brought us to the point of considering the meaning of a great many acronyms for which the meaning can feel elusive.

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