ThinkIQ Announces Enhancements to Manufacturing SaaS Platform

by | Dec 9, 2020 | News | 0 comments

ThinkIQ, a provider of digital manufacturing SaaS solutions, recently announced added functionality to its SaaS Manufacturing platform. This new release adds product enhancements, which include UI components that allows customers to build custom dashboards, simplified analysis of time series data and reusable type systems that help to accelerate deployment.

The new added functionality adds to ThinkIQ’s platform which delivers fact-based granular and a data-centric view of material flows and related providence attribute data. The platform integrates into existing IoT infrastructure to help manage everything from supply chains to manufacturing processes.

“Most manufacturing systems are transactional in nature, which creates a disconnect between the transactional information systems and the real-life continuous nature of the processes,” said Niels Andersen, CPO of ThinkIQ. “This has limited manufacturers’ ability to analyze operations and find opportunities for improvements. Traditional data lakes do not structure manufacturing data in a reusable schema that is easy to analyze, which results in a vast amount of custom code being written for every analytics scenario where every dashboard has to be created from scratch.”

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