Smart Manufacturing Platform Transforms Poultry Processing

by | Jul 7, 2021 | News | 0 comments

U.S. government-funded CESMII is using ThinkIQ’s intelligence platform to drive smart manufacturing in a pilot project at a chicken rendering plant. The findings could help improve efficiencies across all kinds of energy-intensive industries.

One of the largest food companies and a leader in protein is embracing highly contextualized data to increase operational efficiencies. Though the pilot project is focused on chicken rendering—with product streams including bone meal, feather meal, chicken meal, and blood meal—the findings will help to improve efficiencies across all kinds of food processing sectors and other energy-intensive industries.

Through data-rich technology from ThinkIQ, along with the CESMII Smart Manufacturing Innovation Platform, the producer aims to transform its poultry processing operations—quantifying variability in the supply chain and the process, along with its impact on yield, for chicken by-products. Optimizing yield and material utilization on the poultry processing line will enable decisions based on real-time constraints in material flows, manufacturing operations, and energy consumption.

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