Recent Cyber Attacks Expose Risks Of Modern Supply Chains

by | Nov 17, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

Want to buy a new car? Good luck with that. Interested in picking up a high-end graphics processor for your gaming computer or crypto farm? Fat chance. Hey, let’s just hope toilet paper doesn’t start drying up from store shelves again. As the holidays, Black Friday, and the busiest time of the shopping year approaches, we keep hearing about one thing over and over again: the impact supply chain disruptions have on the all the things we want. It’s when people finally start to notice the dozens of container ships lined up off the coast of Los Angeles and many other major seaports nationwide. Call it a convergence of factors: short staff due to the pandemic, bottlenecks at major shipping channels, political tensions. The thing that becomes painfully obvious in the face of these difficult times is that there is no room for more supply chain challenges.

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