Platform for Continuous Intelligence for Supply Chain and Production Optimization

by | Jan 25, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Executives at ThinkIQ have talked with me a few times. They have an interesting story around what they call a SaaS-based Continuous Intelligence Platform. They also released some news last week.

ThinkIQ announced enhancements to its platform to provide more capabilities geared towards Continuous Intelligence for supply chain and production optimization within material centric manufacturing.

ThinkIQ is the first platform-based Continuous Intelligence solution in the market and can be operationalized at many levels – from supply chain, product quality, process improvement, and any time-sensitive process enhanced by the ability to respond to what’s happening right now throughout the entire manufacturing process. Analytics are woven directly into operational processes that can take or trigger actions when specific conditions are met. This ranges from time-sensitive alerts that guide employees on what to do next, to fully automated processes that trigger downstream actions without human intervention.

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