Orange County Business Journal Innovator Of The Year Awards

by | Aug 11, 2021 | News | 0 comments


Doug Lawson, ThinkIQ CEO

Doug Lawson has founded, built and sold multiple software startups in the Industrial Sector. His understanding of customer challenges and his leadership creating innovative products to meet those challenges is widely respected in the industry. The products from his startups are used in nearly a million plants globally. On a personal level ThinkIQ is the logical culmination of his career and, as CEO, he is intentionally creating a company that will have global impact, delivering enormous value to its customers, creating safer, better and trustable products with less environmental impact. ThinkIQ, a pioneer of Digital Manufacturing Transformation SaaS, works with some of the biggest food manufacturers in the world – including Mars Inc, McCain Foods, General Mills, Tyson and Mars Inc. – to deliver unprecedented material traceability and insight into ways to improve yield, quality, safety, compliance and brand confidence. Their transformational intelligence platform delivers fact- based granular and data-centric contextualized view of material flows and related provenance attribute data that integrates into existing IoT infrastructures and crosses supply chains to Smart Manufacturing processes and beyond. Their customers have saved $10’s of millions by identifying waste and underperforming assets, as well as reducing warranty reserves for quality and safety issues.