Manufacturing Materials Software Moves to Azure

by | Mar 8, 2022 | News | 0 comments

The movement toward making manufacturing SaaS applications available on Microsoft Azure continues. News from ThinkIQ tells us three of its platforms are now available on that platform—VisualizeInsight and Transform.

The purpose of these platforms is collecting manufacturing and supply chain data, monitoring real-time material traceability, and delivering actionable insights to improve the overall manufacturing processes for greater efficiency and flexibility.

The unique proposition of ThinkIQ is to look at materials, not just equipment. The company points out the old, but still prevalent problem, that data collection within manufacturing processes are often fragmented rendering it unable to extract insights or identify inefficiencies.

With ThinkIQ Visualize, all manufacturing data can be seen from a single contextualized cloud-based system.

ThinkIQ Insight delivers a material ledger for traceability and improved operations across the entire manufacturing supply chain on Azure.

ThinkIQ Transform provides material traceability from supplier to factory to consumers.

ThinkIQ integrates a wide range of Microsoft Azure solutions including Azure Communications Services, Azure IoT, Azure Networking and Azure Storage.


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