Manufacturing Day Talk

by | Oct 6, 2023 | News | 0 comments

“As the effects of climate change become increasingly apparent, sustainability has become a key focus area for manufacturers worldwide that are under pressure to reduce their environmental impact. In direct response, the Securities and Exchange Commission issued a proposal last year for companies to report their greenhouse gas emissions to investors in an effort to improve ESG transparency and reduce their carbon footprint.  

Doug Lawson, CEO of ThinkIQ

Smart manufacturing technology plays a crucial role in driving sustainability in manufacturing. Technologies that can capture, contextualize, and analyze data related to energy consumption, carbon emissions and waste across the supply chain provides manufacturers with the insights they need to identify opportunities for reducing their environmental impact. 

By analyzing energy consumption data and understanding the nuances of each area of the supply chain, manufacturers can identify energy-intensive processes and take steps to make them more energy-efficient. Similarly, by analyzing waste data, manufacturers can identify sources of waste and implement strategies to reduce them. Smart manufacturing technologies can also help manufacturers comply with decarbonization, energy, and waste reporting requirements. By providing a granular and highly contextualized view of data over time, these technologies enable manufacturers to track their progress towards their sustainability goals and demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations.” 

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