Learn about ThinkIQ in 90 Seconds

by | Sep 23, 2019 | Video | 0 comments

We recently released an overview video about ThinkIQ and as we expand resources on our website designed to be helpful, we thought nothing is better than a video that explains what we do in less than 90 seconds!

Full Transcript Below

The future of manufacturing, it’s already here. Modern advancements such as IoT, big data, and machine learning, are changing the way companies do business across many industries, including manufacturing. Today, it’s possible for manufacturers to make better business decisions by collecting and analyzing data from existing systems, and augmenting any gaps with physical sensors. However, because manufacturing involves multiple entities, locations, and disparate systems, that data remains in separate and uncorrelated silos, and the ability to have meaningful impact is not possible. Until now. ThinkIQ’s SAS platform represents a quantum leap in smart manufacturing.

Unlike all other solutions, ThinkIQ intelligently identifies and analyzes granular material flow by correlating multiple existing data sources to maximize yield, eliminate over-consumption, and improve quality across the entire supply chain. ThinkIQ delivers full visibility of manufacturing processes from start to finish, including end-to-end materials traceability. With ThinkIQ, manufacturers gain the deep insights they need to optimize their business results, and improve quality while identifying any product safety issues before they reach consumers. The end results are brand enhancement and soaring profitability. The future is now. Are you ready to learn more?

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