Inbound Logistics January 2023: Seeking Sustainability

by | Feb 8, 2023 | News | 0 comments

Manufacturing leadership teams are under pressure to enhance the sustainability, performance, and resilience of their operations as a result of a more unstable world economy. Manufacturers are seeking to enhance traceability across operations for greater sustainability, productivity, and transparency in their supply chains as a result of this mounting demand. Industry leaders can contribute to the movement toward a greener future while lowering waste and operational costs by enhancing sustainability in their supply chains.

Many manufacturers are still essentially blind to an astonishing percentage of events on the factory floor and in supply chains. The rise in black swan events and economic disruption will finally force them to increase their focus on improving traceability in order to meet their sustainability goals and weather the economic storm. As a result, ESG will thus be more thoroughly integrated and assessed by business systems.

-Doug Lawson, CEO, ThinklQ

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