Entrepreneurs Are A Special Breed

by | Jan 27, 2022 | News | 0 comments

Thanks to Matthew Littlefield of LNS for recognizing Doug Lawson, ThinkIQ CEO in a LinkedIn post here

Entrepreneurs are a special breed.

I’m especially inspired by those that have already started, built, and exited great companies and are now onto their second and even third acts.

There is a lot of VC/PE investment in the manufacturing technology space right now. There will be many winners but even more losers.

Here are four likely winners.

~Doug Lawson is CEO and founded ThinkIQ after successfully exiting Incuity to Rockwell Automation. ThinkIQ has had much early success in the F&B and CPG space building a data model and app platform that is inclusive of material flow and scales across suppliers, operations, and customers to enable quality, traceability, and manufacturing productivity.

… All 4 of these CEO’s recently briefed LNS Research and I’m expecting each to have big years in 2022.