COVID-19 Left Food Plants in a Mess. Can Smart Manufacturing Clean it Up?

by | Jun 1, 2021 | News | 0 comments

A project between the Smart Manufacturing Institute and ThinkIQ works with a poultry processor to get a handle on variability.

During the pandemic, the food processing industry was slammed. Supply chain issues slowed production. Runs on products resulted in empty shelves, and social distancing stretched the labor force impossibly thin. The meat processing industry was hit particularly hard by social distancing constraints and dangerous outbreaks. You could just about hear the plant managers scream, “Can’t we automate this mess?”

We’re likely to see some of that in the coming months and years. Recently, a large global food company sought to get a handle on inconsistencies in the supply chain and the variabilities in the processing of chicken by-products. They wanted a clear view of the yield of four product streams: bone meal, feather meal, chicken meal, and blood meal.

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