Capgemini SE

Capgemini SE is a French multinational professional services and business consulting corporation headquartered in Paris, France. It provides IT services and is one of the world's largest IT consulting, outsourcing and professional services companies with over 200,000 employees in over 40 countries.

Capgemini is ThinkIQ's go-to-market partner providing integration and consulting services for our customers.

Industry Associations


Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute

The Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII) brings over $140 million in public-private investment from leading universities and manufacturers to focus on innovations that will advance U.S. manufacturing competitiveness, sustainability and innovation.

Through a CESMII test-bed project, ThinkIQ partnered with General Mills, Inc, to turn manufacturing insights into real savings and created a connected enterprise and supply chain in making gluten-free Cheerios. Listen to Jim Wetzel, SMLC's Chairman and the Director of Global Reliability at General Mills, speak about the success of this project at the CESMII kickoff meeting.

ThinkIQ has recently been selected to participate in the first public-private partnership projects to advance Smart Manufacturing (SM) technologies in the US.

Smart Manufacturing Leadership Coalition

Recognized for its leadership in Smart Manufacturing, the SMLC supports the manufacturing industry through pursuing a comprehensive technology that no one company can undertake. Activities are built around industry-driven development, application and scaling of a shared infrastructure that will achieve transformational economic-wide impact, manufacturing innovation and global competitiveness. 

ThinkIQ has been involved with the SMLC since it's earliest days when we collaborated with General Mills, Inc. to validate ThinkIQ's innovative approach to the Smart Manufacturing challenge.

OPC Foundation

OPC is the interoperability standard for the secure and reliable exchange of data in the industrial automation space and in other industries. It is platform independent and ensures the seamless flow of information among devices from multiple vendors. 

ThinkIQ uses OPC to connect to a huge diversity of data sources and provides full access to the data from our platform.


EvoNexus is Southern California's leading startup technology incubator and hub for the startup community with locations in San Diego and Irvine. EvoNexus empowers motivated entrepreneurs to turn their transformative ideas into fundable, commercially-viable companies.



Bonfire Ventures

Bonfire Ventures is an LA-based seed-stage venture capital firm founded by Jim Andelman and Mark Mullen. The firm invests exclusively in B2B software businesses, and typically leads or co-leads a startup’s first priced round. We back extraordinary founders who are seeking to build world-class market leaders, and aspire to serve as those founders’ most trusted advisors. Investments made by the firm’s founders include The Trade Desk (IPO), Burstly (acquired by Apple), Edgecast (acquired by Verizon), Datapop (acquired by Criteo), MessageLabs (acquired by Symantec), Orbitera and Bitium (each acquired by Google), Rainforest QA, ChowNow, SteelHouse, EmailAge, Invoca, Honk and others. For more information visit

Bonfire has joined the ThinkIQ investor team and founder Jim Andelman will add experience, depth and leadership to the ThinkIQ Board.

Mark IV Capital

Mark IV Capital is a privately held real estate firm founded in 1974. The company acquires, invests in, develops, and manages commercial projects utilizing a long-term approach to deploy capital in markets where existing drivers will propel future value.

The Cove Fund

The Cove Fund is a family of seed-stage venture capital funds that provides startup funding for promising new Southern California ventures. The Fund is headquartered in “The Cove” at UC Irvine Applied Innovation, a centrally located and vibrant gathering place for entrepreneurs, innovators and investors in the Southern California startup ecosystem.

Interested in Partnering With Us?

ThinkIQ has partered with investors and world class industry leaders to imagine and create the next new wave in data collection, digestion, analysis and presentation. We are very excited about the possibilites and have on-going efforts to make new alliances, hire talented people, and examine   ideas. Contact us for access to our site to see how we are thinking about the history of every Thing.