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The Smartest Way to Manufacture

Actionable AI insights from IoT, resolved blind spots, and start-to-finish supply chain data


Accelerating the World’s Transition to Smart Manufacturing

ThinkIQ’s unique Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing SaaS platform is accelerating the global transformation to safer, more sustainable, and more productive manufacturing environments. As a core technology partner of CESMII (the United States’ national institute on Smart Manufacturing), ThinkIQ’s platform is the foundation for a Smart Manufacturing standard across industry.

ThinkIQ’s Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing platform increases productivity, sustainability, and safety with actionable AI insights derived from internal and external raw data, including blind spots you thought you’d never see.

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Revealing Blind Spots

ThinkIQ’s innovative use of vision technology and AI reveals blind spots like no one else.
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Supply Chain Visibility

ThinkIQ’s intuitive Semantic Model and Material Ledger allow raw supplier data to be standardized, contextualized, and actually useful, from component-to-delivery.

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It's About Time

ThinkIQ’s NextGen Historian tracks data over time. With AI analysis, this reveals hidden patterns that provide even more useful insights.

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5 Steps to Success

ThinkIQ’s 5-step process allows nearly any manufacturer to travel the route to Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing, with gains at every stage.
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Leaps Ahead

ThinkIQ has a proven record with global brands and is leading the establishment of Smart Manufacturing standards. Its platform leads to increased productivity, sustainability, and safety for manufacturers.

Transforming Industry

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From Raw Data to the Right Data

Why is my machine down? What happened with the raw materials? Is it a machine or an employee who isn’t productive? How can I avoid the next recall? ThinkIQ’s 5-step process helps nearly any manufacturer go from wherever they are now (even mostly analog data) to claim the true benefit of smart manufacturing: actionable data.

Connect the dots. Finally.

Was it bad materials, or problems in transport? How does this current problem affect next week’s deliveries? What’s really happening at each stage of my supply chain? ThinkIQ’s Smart Manufacturing platform connects and contextualizes data from your entire supply chain, so you can solve problems that you could never spot before.

Connect the Dots. Finally.

Was it bad materials, or problems in transport? How does this current problem affect next week’s deliveries? What’s really happening at each stage of my supply chain? ThinkIQ’s Smart Manufacturing platform connects and contextualizes data from your entire supply chain, so you can solve problems that you could never spot before.


You Can Know What You Don’t Know

A food manufacturing company had no idea that its root issue was measuring weight versus size, but ThinkIQ surfaced the problem for a massive yield increase. A yard operator found dozens of safety violations that were previously unknown. A cereal manufacturer didn’t know that silos were being contaminated … until ThinkIQ surfaced the problem, likely avoiding a recall or worse. ThinkIQ shines a light on your entire manufacturing process, revealing hidden correlations, and offering real resolutions to your problems.

Easier Than You Think … with ThinkIQ

ThinkIQ not only offers a significant technological advantage, but we have worked with leading global brands to integrate Industry 4.0 Smart Manufacturing into the most difficult settings. Hand-made prestige objects? We’ve done it. Millions of pounds of grain for various sources? Handled. The most analog, tech-averse industries? Easy. Our 5-step process takes nearly any enterprise from blind spots and raw data, to actionable intelligence.

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The First Mover Has the Advantage

Just imagine: You are offered a manufacturing solution that rapidly improves safety, sustainability, and productivity. It works in your manufacturing setting, has a proven track record, and is from the industry-leader. You could be the first to implement it, right now. Or do you wait … allowing your competition to take the lead? It’s certain that Smart Manufacturing will eventually run every industry. Will you be the last to accept it … or the first to benefit?

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Manufacturing is rapidly transforming.
Are you going to watch it happen…or are you ready to see how it might work for you?

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“By digitizing raw material attributes from manual logs, and comparing that with production data, we can now see correlations we hadn’t seen before.”

— VP of Agriculture

“For the first time in 20 years, ThinkIQ has provided an objective comparison between plants given raw material and production variations, that allows visibility to maximize profits.

— VP of Manufacturing

“ThinkIQ provides critical data agility to solving real operational problems.

— Director, Global Traceability

Transitioning the World to Smart Manufacturing

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Industry 4.0 for Every Manufacturing Vertical

Protecting Your Food

From farm-to-table, a wide variety of variables can affect your final product. Onion size? Silo temperature? Transit time? Growth location and weather? ThinkIQ, and your new Smart Manufacturing line, will bring it all together to give you actionable insights for safer, more efficient products.

Pharmaceutical Safety

From component-to-lab-to-patient, you need to not only trace every supply-chain detail and link to a batch, but you need to be cost-efficient, consistent, and quick. ThinkIQ’s Industry 4.0 platform gives pharma visibility like never before, potentially avoiding recalls (or worse), before they happen, as well as improving speed and efficiency overall.

Mine-to-Metal Efficiency

ThinkIQ’s Smart Manufacturing process allows you to carefully track raw materials throughout the supply chain. It also integrates with your own assembly line details. Did a line slow down, potentially overheating a more sensitive raw material? With ThinkIQ and an Industry 4.0 manufacturing line, you can see these occurrences and more, making stronger, safer, more cost-effective products.

Transforming Raw Data into Raw Power

Transforming Raw Data into Raw Power

Saved from a Potential Recall

Data points exist all along your supply chain and through your warehouse. But you haven’t been able to assemble that data into a clear, actionable picture of your entire workflow. Just imagine, then, a broken-down truck in your current system. Does your intelligence system (if you have one) point out the temperature change, and the threat of a future recall? ThinkIQ did just that, potentially saving millions … or more.

Optimize the Yield of a Product

Your variably-sized raw materials have to be cut to an exact size to deliver minimal waste and consistent products. And while the existing team has already done a great job of maximizing yield, ThinkIQ supplied Transformational Intelligence allowed the client to see that a slight modification of their cutting patterns would increase yield by a massive 6%.

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Finding the Problem Component

Your product has 30 components. Just imagine the ability to link product failures to a change in suppliers last year. Or perhaps those failures get tracked back to a shipping method where the humidity caused unexpected issues? Or where the shipping date of one component seemed fine, but in reality could cause you to miss — or meet — your big deadline. If you can’t do this, then you’re not using ThinkIQ.

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eBook: Using Computer Vision to fill Manufacturing and Warehousing Blind Spots with Actionable Data

Download the eBook now and see how ThinkIQ can help to expand your business!


Smart Manufacturing Showcase – Springfield, MO: June 5th

Smart Manufacturing Showcase – Springfield, MO: June 5th

Discover the future of manufacturing at the Smart Manufacturing Showcase with esteemed partners CESMII and Robert W. Plaster Center.

Unlock the Future of Manufacturing at No Cost – June 5, 2024Missouri Enterprise is thrilled to extend an exclusive invitation to you for a groundbreaking event that promises to chart the course for the future of manufacturing. In partnership with the Robert W. Plaster Center for Advanced Manufacturing and the Clean Energy Smart Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CESMII), we’re setting the stage for a day of discovery, learning, and networking.

If you are a manufacturing executive, plant manager, decision-maker, technology specialist, or anyone passionate about the future of manufacturing. then this workshop is for you.  Please join CESMII and ThinkIQ for a Smart Manufacturing Systems Architecture ‘Primer’ for all stakeholders involved in the development and/or implementation of software for manufacturing operations. This workshop, hosted by some of the world’s leading experts in manufacturing data engineering, comprises all the core architecture and technology strategies essential to developing/implementing interoperability-enabled Smart Manufacturing platforms and solutions. 

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