Hyper-Automation For The Supply Chain

by | Dec 15, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

They say, “Take no half measures.” Half measures are actions that only achieve part of what they are intended to achieve and are the reason many home improvement projects, famous portraits of presidents, and great novels remain unfinished. And let’s be honest — how does your spouse feel about projects around the house gone by the wayside?

Half measures occur in the supply chain too. They lead to a patchwork of solutions that are not integrated, optimized, or fully capable of delivering the promise of smart manufacturing. This patchwork is made up of legacy business processes, sensors, and philosophies that often stand in stark opposition to one another, or at the very least lead to extensive workarounds that don’t quite feel like real solutions — doubly so when a disaster strikes.

Consider that 83 percent of enterprises are more aware of supply chain risks — such as raw material shortages, manufacturing shutdowns, or transport blockage — than they were a year ago. Nearly 80 percent have accelerated their digital supply chain strategies, while almost 50 percent are considering overhauling risk procurement and risk management strategies within the next two years.

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