ThinkIQ Sponsors Smart Manufacturing Dialogue at UCLA

Along with Deloitte, Microsoft, UCLA and CESMII, ThinkIQ sponsored a dialogue on smart manufacturing hosted by the Council on Competitiveness on June 4, 2019 on the campus of UCLA. 

The Council on Competitiveness is a membership organization that works to advance U.S prosperity through pro-growth advocacy in Washington, DC. Manufacturing is just one of several of its member-led initiatives.

The June 4 program focused on the importance of making smart manufacturing accessible to all to sustain the viability of U.S. manufacturing in the global economy of the future.   

Attendees of the event were asked to consider several threats to the America’s position as a global superpower, including globalization, regulatory and tax trends and advanced industrial activity across Europe and Asia, among other challenges.

Participants also examined current emerging trends that stand to benefit U.S. manufacturers in the future, such as the digitalization of manufacturing, the reemergence of manufacturing capacity on U.S. soil and the increasing abundance of domestically sourced energy.    

The event challenged leaders from industry, federal and state governments and universities to think about smart manufacturing and real-life applications, roadblocks, best practices, ways to reduce cost and complexity, and how to increase implementation on a national scale.  

ThinkIQ selected for CESMII partnership

ThinkIQ selected for CESMII partnership

In May of 2018, the Smart Manufacturing consortium announced $10M in federal funding for 10 projects. ThinkIQ was selected to participate in the first public-private partnership projects to advance Smart Manufacturing (SM) technologies in the US. 

ThinkIQ recognized in 10 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology

ThinkIQ recognized in 10 Most Promising Manufacturing Technology

CIO Review has recognised ThinkIQ in their 10 Most Promising Manufacturing Technolgy list for 2018. Read the complete story here.

ThinkIQ hires VP of Business Development

ThinkIQ is pleased to announce the newest member of its leadership team, Dave Pritts. As Vice President of Business Developing and Marketing, Dave has over 20 years of experience developing business strategies and marketing campaigns.