Meet Our Team

The ThinkIQ team blends a strong mix of technical, domain, business, and operational professionals.  The technical team specifically offers its customers and investors world-class expertise in manufacturing software, big data analytics, time-series management, and semantic modeling along with a deep understanding the most intractable problems the manufacturing industry has faced for decades. The team’s strength is augmented by its investors, who all bring considerable networks as well as a breadth and depth of experience to the ThinkIQ family.

Doug Lawson, CEO

Doug is the CEO of ThinkIQ and founder of three successful software companies serving the Industrial Sector.  All three have delivered significant value to the investors, acquirers and employees and created products that continue to lead the market.

Edison Ting, CTO

Edison is the CTO of ThinkIQ with 25 years of experience building products in big data analytics, distributed data management and incremental compilers, with inventions in multi-cloud resource management, text analytics, data storage, transaction management, and query processing, resulting in over 20 granted patents. 
Edison Ting's Linked In Profile

Niels Andersen, CPO

Chief Product Officer for ThinkIQ, Niels is a former startup CEO with deep product management, marketing and channel management experience.  He is well known and respected throughout the industrial automation industry.

Bruce McCleave, Architect

Bruce McCleave is an experienced developer with a history of creating scale-able web applications that range from discovery of network devices, document management, e-commerce, and manufacturing business intelligence.

Larry Sheakley, Board

Successful businessman and community leader, Larry Sheakley represents a select group of Seed B investors in ThinkIQ, and brings over 40 years of strategic business acumen to the ThinkIQ board.

Pete DeAngelis, Board

Pete DeAngelis represents the Cove Fund, a seed stage investment consortium associated with the University of California, Irvine. An active investor and serial entrepreneur himself, Pete has much to offer the ThinkIQ leadership.

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