5 Challenges The Chemical Supply Chain and How AI Can Help

by | Oct 13, 2021 | Blog | 0 comments

What’s a modern car without an ECU? A pile of parts that won’t move. What’s a computer without a CPU? A blank screen. What’s an HVAC system without a thermostat? Thousands of dollars of equipment that won’t stop cooling or heating once the ideal temperature has been achieved. In other words, technology turns pretty useless without a brain.

When it comes to the chemical industry, a $4 trillion behemoth that 96 percent of all manufactured goods depend on, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Like any other industry, chemical manufacturers butt up against challenges in their supply chain all the time. The solution to most of those challenges lies in intelligence. At this scale, artificial intelligence (AI) is required to manage the complexity of data and systems. Considering materials can be hazardous and perishable, and batch manufacturing leads to varying product characteristics, it becomes that much more vital that AI is utilized. Thin margins, globalization, and high consumer demand raises the ante even higher.

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